Thyroid dry skin

59 million Americans have underactive or overactive thyroid conditions, both of which may cause dry and itchy skin.

Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) slows down the metabolic function and causes skin to become cold, dry and pale. This can become severe and progress to an extreme condition called keratoderma, where there is no sweating and skin on the palms and soles become thick.

A hyperactive thyroid produces too much thyroid hormone and this causes the skin on the shins to thicken with raised plaques or nodules due to deposits of altered material in the skin. The epidermis thickens and you get an itchy, dry skin condition.

The premium humectants in Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion are capable of drawing into the skin six times more moisture than conventional skin creams — helping to bring relief to even the driest skin.

A new approach to skin care that actually shields sensitive skin.

It is almost impossible to improve dry, itchy thyroid skin with typical skin lotions. They actually compound the problem. Rather than increasing the moisture in the skin they leave a greasy coating on the skin. Over time, this signals your skin to stop making its own moisture, leaving you dependent on the artificial moisture. It’s what is known as a “rebound effect.”

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion works to duplicate your skin’s own natural action to help heal dry, itchy, flaky skin brought on by thyroid conditions. Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion contains powerful, soothing, moisturizing ingredients that keep skin soft, supple and hydrated!

With daily use, Skin MD Natural enhances the outer layer of skin, strengthening the skin barrier and restoring the skin’s own moisture production cycle.

Testimonials from customers who have gained relief from thyroid dry skin by using Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion.

“I developed an overactive thyroid in 1990 and the skin on my shins and my feet became thick, dry and itchy. I have tried every lotion available for dry skin treatment, to no avail. I often scratched my legs till they bled. Then I found Skin MD Natural. What a relief! My skin is no longer red and itchy all the time. While I know that there is no medical cure for this condition, with Skin MD Natural my skin is not red, dry and itchy anymore.

Sally F.

Pasadena, CA

“Anyone who has skin worries like I do or who just wants to look their best should definitely cruise around Skin MD’s site. It’s a great resource for information. I was personally intrigued by the bits they had about thyroid skin conditions. While my skin isn’t as bad as the pictures shown, it is still dry and itchy. I’ve tried so many different lotions and was floored that this stuff actually did the job!”



“I have a tough time finding products that work for me.

  • Eczema, check.
  • Sensitive skin + allergies, check.
  • Thyroid issues, check.
  • Other womanly issues, check.

All in all, if I’m not careful with what I put on my skin, I turn into a scaly beast with extra oily parts some places and extra dry parts other places. (Whoa. Too much information.)
Skin MD Natural is a full body, hands, and face shielding lotion that is light, yet nourishing, AND no grease. I’m a fan. I really like this lotion and what it does for me. And the 4oz bottle really goes a long way.”