skin rashes

Skin Rashes

Is your skin rash being caused by a skin irritant?

When skin is healthy and functioning properly it provides a barrier between the deeper layers of skin and environmental irritants. If a skin rash is occurring there has been a change that is affecting the skin and it’s barrier.

External irritants are generally the root cause of skin rashes. The products that we use, such as cleaning liquids, laundry detergents, perfumes, and many others contain chemicals that can irritate the skin and weaken its natural barrier. When these irritants break through the skin barrier they can result in a skin rash. Symptoms of a skin rash may include scaly patches of skin, patches of red itchy, bumps over the body, and inflammation. Symptoms of the rash typically start to appear within 48 hours after contact with the irritant.

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion helps retain the skin’s own natural moisture to relieve the itchy dryness of a skin rash while strengthening the skin barrier for better protection against irritants.

Help prevent skin rashes from poison ivy, oak, and sumac

Poison ivy, oak, and sumac are all plants that can cause a skin rash immediately or shortly after contact. The skin rash is medically known as Allergic Contact Dermatitis and can have a number of symptoms. Contact with one of these poisonous plants can leave you with a red rash that is extremely uncomfortable and itchy. The rash is caused by an allergic reaction to urushiol, the resin from the leaves, stems, and root of the plants. Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion adds an additional layer of protection to the natural skin barrier helping to slow absorption and minimize exposure to irritants such as urushiol.

Dr. Benest tells about skin rashes“Based on data I have seen so far, shielding lotions, like Skin MD Natural, seem to reduce the skin’s contact with the urushiol found in poison oak, ivy and sumac, as well as other irritants found in soil. As expected, we are seeing reports of reduced incidents of these contact dermatitis cases in individuals who use it regularly prior to gardening.”

Dr. Lisa Benest

A Board-certified Dermatologist of Burbank, CA

“In north Texas, our guys work in brush and vegetation. We were taking the guys in to the doc frequently for rashes and skin problems that turned out to be poison ivy and oak,” says Neil Renton, Health Safety & Environmental Assistant for Dawson Geophysical, Inc., a seismic mapping company for the oil and gas industry. “Then we learned about shielding lotions, so I ordered a case and started handing it out to the guys in the field. So far this year we’ve not had any cases of poison ivy or oak and shielding lotions have really helped reduce our medical expenses and doctor visits.”