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“My hubby and I were scratching our legs until they were sore due to terrible dry skin and my 22- month-old was waking up because his skin was so dry. I also have problems with Psoriasis and very dry feet. I had tried a lot of lotions that would help for a little bit, but soon the itching and dry skin was back.

Well, recently I heard the buzz about Skin MD Natural + SPF 15 and thought I’d give it a try. This lotion is a Shielding Lotion™ and is different than others.

We have been using Skin MD for about a month now. Both my husband and I noticed right away that Skin MD Natural + SPF15 didn’t leave a greasy film. We both like that a lot. I also noticed that my skin felt softer and my Psoriasis stopped being itchy and became much less scaly. My Psoriasis is on my head so hair products seem to make it worse. The shielding properties of Skin MD Natural really seemed to protect my scalp. I noticed I wasn’t scratching my head nearly as much and started seeing less flaking.”


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“My dad has some skin problem, probably eczema or some kind of psoriasis (I don’t know, he never checked it to the doctor). When I read in the brochure that this lotion can also help heal eczema, psoriasis and similar skin problems then I told my mom to use it on my dad too. And now, we can see a significant difference on his skin! It really reduces the redness and his skin condition is really improving to a better state now.

So we have really high hopes for this magic lotion. It really has many benefits to our skin. This is a great quality product, even recommended by dermatologists! It’s hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben free, fragrance and colorant free, plus no animal testing and doesn’t contain animal products.”

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“If you are suffering from dry skin, psoriasis, eczema and contact dermatitis problems I would definitely recommend this product.”

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“Being a sufferer of Psoriasis, Eczema and having naturally dry skin I am the perfect guinea pig for this lotion. Having only used it for a few days I have already noticed the difference. To begin with, my face is much softer. I was using a heavy moisturizer believing it to be perfect for my skin, considering it’s very dry, and yes it did moisturize but at the same time brought on pimples.

Since using this Shielding Lotion™ the pimples have reduced dramatically and my skin remains soft.

Going onto the rest of my body, my elbows and knees had heavy psoriasis on them, since using this it has reduced. As I said earlier it has only been a few days since I got my hands on this product, but to have reduced my psoriasis I’m telling you is a shock. Anyone who suffers from psoriasis knows how hard it can be to reduce it without undergoing UV treatment or thick chemically treated lotions. I am convinced this is a brilliant product!”

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“Hubby is giving this a whirl on his very bad psoriasis flare-ups. He has only been using this a few days but already the flaking and scaling are beginning to improve :)”

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“It’s no secret that I have psoriasis. I have talked about it several times on here. This means my hands are often broken, cracked, dried, and bleeding. As the colder weather creeps in my hands only get worse. I struggle finding good lotions that don’t leave me greasy, slimy, and looking for paper towels.

When the Skin MD Shielding Lotion™ arrived I truthfully brushed it aside. I didn’t expect anything amazing out of a lotion. I gave up on my expectations of lotions ages ago. However, my hubby was whining about his hands getting soft and asked if I had any lotion. I didn’t feel like running upstairs to grab my normal everyday lotion and remembered I had gotten the Shielding Lotion™ to try. I grabbed it out of the box and tossed it his way hoping it didn’t smell like roses or anything. He wouldn’t appreciate that one!

Next thing I knew he was reading the bottle and asking where I got it. Normally my hubby would just toss it aside and not think twice about it. I told him it was a review product and he replied that he wanted this one so I’d need to tell them to send another. Um, yeah, doesn’t work that way-give it back.

So, I thought hmpf. Let me try this stuff. It has to be good to get hubby to notice. Sure enough it was. Very little with this lotion goes a far way. Normally I’m gobbing it onto my body. It is lightweight and quickly absorbs into your skin. I can’t comment on its scent as I have been clogged up with a sinus infection over the past few days (yes, another one) but hubby says there doesn’t seem to be one. At first I just realized that around my knuckles felt better, but after using it for a couple days I have softer, healthy hands. It hasn’t made any of my spots disappear or anything, but it has prevented them from cracking and bleeding. There’s no more dreading washing my hands 9 million times a day and I have since refused to let hubby continue using MY lotion. If he likes it, he can get his own.
I suggest you do too!”

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Skin MD Natural and Skin MD Natural + SPF 15 are manufactured in the United States using 100% solar power, free of animal products and animal testing.