Professional reviews

“Being in the health care field I suffer from dry, chapped hands from constant hand washing. I also wash my hands frequently while at home with my children. Needless to say, my poor hands take a beating day in and day out. When I first tried Skin MD Natural, I instantly noticed the moisture in my hands without any greasy feeling. It was as though my hands were ‘drinking’ the lotion. I then decided to try other areas of my skin, especially my problematic elbows, which have been dry ever since I could remember. After the first application, my elbows looked and felt smoother, and now a few weeks later you would never know I had a problem with dry elbows! I now use this lotion everywhere, even my face because it is non-comodogenic and actually seems to help my breakouts. I have a cabinet full of moisturizing lotions some of which are very expensive, and Skin MD Natural is the only one I use now, because it truly works.”

The Wise Mommy Blog

“I am a nurse, and that requires near constant washing of your hands… with antibacterial soap. By lunch, my hands are dry, chapped, and ready to bleed… toss in winter and I don’t have hands at the end of the day!

I had the opportunity to try out the new Skin MD Shielding Lotion™ + Sunscreen. Love It! Yes, it is in my pocket at work and clinical every day.

It is a thin, non greasy lotion that can be used on you hands and body, as well as your face. You can apply as needed throughout the day, and you can almost feel it absorbing into your skin as you rub it in!

It is basically odorless, but in my opinion, you kind of get a hint of the sunscreen scent that we all love to much!”

Kati Perrine

Country Girl City Life Blog

“I immediately jumped on the opportunity to review this product because I am a part time dental hygienist. Of course your dental hygienist washes his/her hands continuously to prevent the spread of germs. I am no different. This constant hand washing can dry out the healthiest hands in any weather… especially wintertime. I decided I needed to take this product to work for some serious testing.

When I first applied this product, I thought it was too thin to do any good. And, it didn’t seem to absorb into my skin like I was used to. It just didn’t feel like the lotions I have used in the past. And, let me tell you, in my profession, I have tried them all. I could tell, though, as I went throughout the day washing, washing, applying Skin MD lotion, washing, washing, applying Skin MD lotion, my hands felt… protected… gloved almost. I was very pleased that when my day came to an end, I didn’t have to soak my hands in greasy lotion like I do every night. In my personal opinion, my hands felt as if I’d just had a paraffin wax treatment. That was enough to keep me using it everyday. Granted, at home I don’t have to apply it near as much. Actually I only applied it when I first woke up and before I went to bed.”

April Sexton

Mommy Likes Stuff Blog

“Being a mom and a child care provider I am constantly washing my hands. I have to keep myself free of little kid germies so it’s something I can’t avoid. I wash my hands after diaper changes, meal preparation, nose wipes and sometimes cuddles. By mid-day my hands are sore and cracked. Some lotions work to soften but within an hour I’m reapplying.

When my sample arrived I wasted no time in applying it. It absorbed pretty quickly without a sticky feeling. It has a scent reminiscent of the beach but that’s probably because it has sunscreen. I don’t have to reapply as often as with other products. This is definitely a keeper in my house.”


Look What Mom Found Blog

“During the winter weather, I’ve been in search of a good lotion that will keep my dry skin moisturized. Most lotions I’ve tried would have to be reapplied constantly to regain this effect. Also, being a nurse, I’m continually washing my hands so you can imagine that this is also wreaking havoc on my skin. After receiving the Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion™ in the mail, I wanted to put this product through the test of my daily rigors for a few weeks. I was impressed that I didn’t have to reapply the product as often, and my skin felt extremely supple and smooth – even friends that sampled it were amazed. My mother has also been troubled by eczema for years, and after a few weeks of treatment with Skin MD Natural – her flare-ups have subsided drastically. I knew then, that this is not your average, ordinary lotion.”

Melody Mojica

Makeup by Melody Blog

“Rob, as many of you know, builds Hot Rods and Drag cars for a living(we own a business doing just that!) Rob has his hands covered in Carburetor cleaner and other solvents on and off all day. Combine that with alot of hand washing with very abrasive, oil dissolving soaps, and to say his hands are dry is the understatement of the century! His hands are so dry and rough that if he puts his hand on my leg in the car, or rubs his hand over my back, I can hear threads getting snagged on his skin! He has actually made pulls in my pantyhose before. See, another thing about Rob is that he HATES lotion. With a passion! So much so that last winter it took multiple fingers splitting open before pleading with him to put on lotion before bed actually worked. He absolutely cannot stand the greasy or sticky feeling you get with most lotions. If I ask him to put lotion on my back, he will, then will promptly go wash his hands!

Ok, back to Skin MD.

After I got it, I tried a bit out on my hands and noticed, WOW! It just absorbs right in! No residue, no stickiness, no greasiness, no odd slick feeling. That night I had Rob put some on my back, cause it gets itchy from dryness in the winter, and as he was rubbing it in he said “what is THIS?!?” I told him lotion, and he commented that it wasn’t like any lotion he’d seen before. He couldn’t get over how it just melted in and didn’t leave anything behind! He promptly put more in his hand and rubbed it in. Now, here’s the kicker… He kept doing it, every morning and every night! I stopped using it within a few days because I didn’t want to use it up on him! I was so overjoyed that he was actually using it, I couldn’t bring myself to use it up.”

Christy Bernard

Kronicles of a Konad-ER

“This moisturizer is different from any moisturizer I have tried. It is called a “Shielding Lotion™” and that is exactly what it does. It retains moisture in the skin while protecting against environmental agents. I couldn’t be more happier receiving this in the winter months because I normally get dry hands, however this winter my hands have stayed baby soft and moisturized. Also, at work I have to wear personal protective equipment (gloves) that have harsh industrial detergents to clean them which practically bleach my hands and leave them so dry. I haven’t experienced the dry hands I normally get from wearing these gloves since I started using Skin MD on my hands. I also don’t have to moisturize my hands as much as I would with some moisturizers I have used in the past!”

Cheryl Hawthrone

Cheryls Beauty Blog

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