Hand lotion reviews

“Living in a dry climate, I’ve tried various lotions and creams to keep my hands soft, but they often left a greasy residue and would wash off, exposing my skin to further damage. Then I tried Skin MD Natural and was truly amazed! My hands were soft, yet not greasy. And after just one application, they felt hydrated… just like pouring water into (not onto) my skin. The softness lasted through dish washing and several hand washings, and my skin is noticeably smoother. Skin MD Natural has significantly improved my skin health.

In my line of work, I’m exposed to many types of fabrics and threads that dry skin and cracked hands can easily snag. Lotions and creams have been temporary solutions, but leave a greasy residue on fabric and equipment. Skin MD Natural is truly a lifesaver! After just one application, my hands were smooth and soft and there was no residue. Even more amazing was that Skin MD Natural remained effective through several hand washings. Thank you for a great product! I’ll definitely endorse this product!”

Gena Bloemendaal

Associate Editor

Sew News Magazine

“I like it. When I apply it nightly to rough areas (feet and elbows, knuckles on my hand) those places stay smooth feeling until the next night. I occasionally use it as my facial moisturizer. Don’t need much. I am still working on the first bottle.”

Pamela Baker

Antelope, CA

“I live in LA working as a Nurse, and the skin on my hands is a mess. I am a skeptic and have tried almost every lotion. I have been using Skin MD for 2 weeks now and am amazed with the results.

I AM A BELIEVER. Thank you.”

Elise Popowitz

Los Angeles, CA

“I recently discovered Skin MD natural. I have always had good skin; but recently had noticed my hands and arms were getting a bit crinkly and were starting to show some signs of age. I tried this product and in a matter of days my hands and arms look much more smooth, youthful and hydrated. This seems to turns back the clock. My hands now look and feel better. Since I started using it I have been telling all of my friends about it.

It is a great product! Thanks!”

Cheryl Hollander

Pasadena, CA

“Despite use of many expensive products, I’ve never been able to alleviate this dry and cracked skin on my left hand. As is the case with many women, I’ve spent a small fortune on quality face and body treatments in an effort to stave off signs of aging and drying. And though I’ve been pleased with how many of the products feel, none have ever been able to remove the dry skin on my left hand.

It would amaze you then to find that this dry patch of skin on my left hand has completely disappeared! I couldn’t find a trace of this rough area and my skin felt soft.The Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion™ didn’t just diminish the dry area… it completely removed it!!

Your product is truly an amazing one and would be of great benefit to those artists and crafters in our industry who utilize solvents, adhesives, paints and other skin irritants. A product that not only keeps your skin moist but is able to completely alleviate dry and cracked skin is indeed something to get excited about! You can expect my complete support and count me in as long time customer.

Thank you again for introducing me to your product. I know our readers will love this product as much as I do. I will definitely have to get a large supply so I don’t run out!”

Anita Carson

Advertising Director

Expression Magazine

“The lotion is very silky feeling. I tried it yesterday and today and was impressed about how long the softness lasted. I rubbed it into my skin on my hands this morning and even after several washings they are still soft. I will keep you informed as I use it to protect my hands from the severe cold weather here in central Illinois. I hope it will keep my fingers from cracking this winter.”

Three weeks later she wrote:

“I just wanted to let you know that this has been the best year for my hands that I can remember. I use Skin MD Natural every morning and have had very few cracks on my fingers. Yay!!!”

Rhoda Cores

Morton, IL

“I do a lot of mechanical work here at the magazine, at home and as chief mechanic on a racecar that competes 35 to 40 times a year, so my hands are subjected to considerable abuse and exposure to harsh chemicals. They often become so cracked and dry that I can’t remove all of the dirt and grease that gets embedded in them, making them look scruffy at best. But after using Skin MD Natural steadily for about a week, I began to notice that my hands were smoother, less cracked and easier to clean. As I said in my review, I’ll never be hired as a hand model, but my hands now are much more presentable.”

Paul Dean

VP & Senior Editor

Cycle World Magazine

“When I read about this, I realized I had a lotion connoisseur in my life who could probably benefit from a lotion that works like this: my mom. She’s always had dry skin and since she’s been more or less disabled by cervical dystonia, she seems to suffer more from extremely dry skin in spots on her extremities. I know she uses a body lotion on a daily basis, so I gave her the little bottle the company provided me and kept some little sample packets for my own use. About a week later, she told me she was surprised at how well it worked and even went so far as to write a little testimonial for y’all. In her words:

‘When my son suggested I try this lotion, I agreed because I figured it couldn’t make my skin any worse. My hands were so dry, it hurt to curl my fingers in. The heels of my feet had long slivers of dry skin that felt like stepping on little needles. When I first rubbed Skin MD on my hands, I hadn’t read the literature that came with it.

I’m 47 years old and I’ve used skin lotion regularly for better than 30 years. So I wasn’t sure what to expect. I noticed it absorbed into my skin quickly, with no greasy residue. That was nice. My hands felt like they had a very thin, silky film over them. And after using this lotion twice a day for three days, the raw sunburn-like feeling I had grown so used to in my hands was gone! And my feet are so smooth and soft now, I can hardly believe it. One can’t explain the nearly miraculous relief from the pain of rough, raw, dry skin unless it’s experienced. If it wasn’t for my son giving me a chance to try this lotion, I’d have never believed it myself.’

And I can say, firsthand, that her soles and her hands are noticeably less chapped looking. It does border on miraculous when you consider that she was already using lotions on a daily basis with no real results.”

Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor Recommends Blog

“This stuff really works. I had several little cuts on my hands (I sleepwalk & I have no idea where they came from) and I used this for three nights and they were gone. Not that it claims to heal cuts, but I believe it did mine. It says you can use this on face, hands and body. It seems like it would be the perfect ‘outdoors in winter’ moisturizer, yet it goes on very light. There is no fragrance and it is chock full of good-for-you ingredients. Definitely check this out if you work somewhere where you constantly have to wash your hands.”


Beautifile Blog

“All my life, I’ve had dry hands. For the most part, I don’t mind it but sometimes my hands are so dry, they are as rough as sandpaper and snag my clothes. When they get like that, they really bother me. I then put lotion on them to try to soothe them.” Linda also wrote, “Over the years, I’ve tried at least 30 different lotions and creams, probably more. None of them worked to moisten my hands for more than 2 minutes. That is, until I tried Skin MD Natural.

On the first application, my hands stayed moist for 90 minutes. On the second application, it was 4 hours. After that, it was a day, then 3 days. When I work a lot with paper, which just sucks the moisture right out of my hands, I need to use it twice or three times a day but otherwise, I hardly need to use it at all and my hands stay just how I like them. Now, that is truly a miracle! I also really like the fact that it is fragrance free and contains mostly natural and organic ingredients.”

Linda Sereda

a Jewelry Designer

Los Angeles, CA

“First you need to know that I am not a lotion person. I know as I am approaching middle age – OK, I am there, I need to take better care of my skin. Though I am lucky enough to not look my age, there is one body part that screams over 40 (OK, there I said it!), my hands. So that is where I decided to use it.

One of the main reasons I am not a lotion person is that slimy/greasy feeling you are left with. You know the one where you cannot even open the bathroom door to get out. Well this had NO greasy feeling. It absorbed almost immediately and my hands were sooo soft. I expected that feeling to go away and surprisingly it did not. I only used it once or twice a day over a couple weeks. My hands have never been softer! Now let me also disclose I have no underlying skin conditions. I have seasonal dry hands, but nothing major. My sister was visiting over Thanksgiving and her hands get so dry you can just look at them and they crack and bleed. Even though she did not have long to use it – there was no way I was letting her take it home, she noticed a big difference too! I guess I know what to get her for Christmas! Seriously I loved this lotion and my hands are loving it too!”


Maven of Savin Blog

“Skin MD works very well for me. I’m an artist. I use one application every morning and another before I use pigments or solvents usually with latex gloves for even easier cleanup. Dry skin problems are non-existent. Thanks.”

Mo Sandel

Mo Sandel Art & Design

Austin, TX

“Oh my! Skin MD Natural Lotion seemed like a healing miracle for my thirsty skin! Maybe that’s a bit dramatic but it has seriously improved the condition of my hands. They no longer ache from being dry. I have told so many people about this wonderful product. I brought it home with me at Christmas and took it with me everywhere so I could share it with all of my family.”

Ashley Walkup

Beauty 4 Moms Blog

“My hands are so sensitive and only certain lotions work with my hands. I have used Skin MD before, and my hands greatly appreciate the lotion! Skin MD Natural lotion shields my hands from the cold and harshness of the dry winters. Skin MD is made with the finest natural ingredients dermatology tested, fragrance & colorant free, paraben free, and it is hypoallergenic! It is just what my hands crave. I suffer with eczema and cracked hands, and Skin MD instantly soothes them with natural hydration and moisture.”


Sassy Frazz Blog

“One of the negative (gasp!) parts about living in Alaska is dry skin. The cold, along with washing my hands often, makes my hands rather dry. My knuckles especially, get dry if I don’t keep lotion on them.

Thank goodness for a good lotion! The Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion™ has been great for my dry hands. It doesn’t have a strong smell, it’s not oily or sticky and it really moisturizes my hands! It’s also made out of (90%) natural ingredients and has no animal testing. The size of this lotion is great. It’s big enough to last a while, but not too big that I can’t keep it in my purse or diaper bag if I want to. I have been leaving it my car actually and pull it out all the time!”

Samantha Mellen

Mama Notes Blog

“When I look at health and beauty products, one of the first things I look for is whether or not the label indicates that No animals were used in the testing of the product. Skin MD passed!

Next, I’ll take the cap off and take a sniff. When I use a product that I’m going to be slathering on several times a day, I don’t want to walk around smelling like I’ve just escaped from the geriatric ward of the local nursing facility. Skin MD passed!

If every other consumer on the planet were as honest as me, the fact that the product actually works is hanging right there in the middle of the criteria products must meet before purchase. Right?

Well, now that I’ve covered the top to selling points for myself – how about I tell you just how great this product really is?

I thought I’d put it to the ultimate test and have Gadget Dad use it for a couple of weeks. Let me tell ya, those hands of his go through war and back. Doing farming, landscaping and all the tinkering he does, it’s a wonder they haven’t dried up and fallen off yet.

When I first started my little test of SkinMD, I made note of just how rough and callused his hands were. Every day, I would monitor any change that was occurring because of the use of SkinMD and I have to admit, the change was amazing.

I wish there were a way to communicate with you the change that occurred in his skin. To look at his hands now, a person might not think he works quite as hard as he does.

If you have problem skin – overworked hands or feet that require a top-notch treatment, MomGadget recommends SkinMD. It’s like having a dermatologist in a bottle.”


Mom Gadget Blog

“I frequently wash my hands at work, so they get very dry especially in the winter. With one application of Skin MD Shielding Lotion™, my hands were soft and well moisturized. The moisture lasted even after washing my hands, and they were not greasy. I would highly recommend this product for anyone with dry skin.”


Donna’s World Blog

“Like most parents, I wash my hands about twenty times a day. My hands are constantly dry and flaky, but the absolute worst was when I first became a mom. Mike was born in Wyoming and we flew out there really quickly to get him and of course forgot to bring everything not baby-related.

So there we were. In windy, dry, freezing cold Wyoming. In February. With no hand lotion. And of course being a cautious new mom I washed my hands every five minutes even though all we had was the caustic hotel soap. By the time we came home a few days later my hands were burning red, dry, and I practically cried every time I had to wash them. After several days I was slowly able to revive my hands to the point where they felt OK, but it was a surprising amount of work.

How I wish I’d had some Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion™ then – this stuff is great! It is thin when you squirt it out of the bottle, and I thought that was a bad sign. You know, because a lotion has to be thick and gloopy to work.

No! I rubbed it in, it disappeared into my skin, and it felt like my hands were in water! (I don’t usually gush, but I really like this stuff.)

Plus I can do whatever I like after I put the lotion on. For example, I can hop in the car and my hands don’t slip off the wheel. So I’m more likely to use it when I need it because it doesn’t take me out of commission while it soaks into my skin. One minute later I’m ready to go.”


Plane Jane Reviews Blog

“As a mom, I am continually washing my hands and using hand sanitizers. Even more so with all the Swine Flu fears circulating about. I also live where it is very dry and as it gets colder it gets even drier. I am constantly fighting dry skin. I have all kinds of lotion but I get so tired of reapplying it all day and feeling all greasy with no real solution.

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion™ promised to be a different kind of lotion, a Shielding Lotion™ that would form a protective barrier. Made from the finest natural ingredients, it states that it “promptly absorbs, transforming the outer layer of skin into a hydrating invisible shield.” The directions state to apply a small amount, initially ever 2-8 hours until moisture level improves and then just once every 12-24 hours.

I decided to try it on my hands first. I remember a bartender once telling me that he could tell the age of a customer by looking at her hands. That while make-up and botox could hide age on a face, the hands don’t get that type of treatment and thus divulge your true age. (He was talking about fake ID’s but this information stuck with me – I didn’t want to look old, ever.) My hands were making me look older than I was. They were dry and cracking an no amount of traditional lotion was solving the problem, just temporarily covering it up.

I was skeptical that Skin MD Shielding Lotion™ would work since it was so light. It absorbed quickly and I while my hands felt softer after using it, there wasn’t any other “proof” it was still on my hands (if that makes sense). I placed it by my bathroom sink so that every time I washed my hands, I could reapply the Shielding Lotion™. In only 2 days my hands looked and felt so much better. After 2 weeks of use, I can report that my hands look and feel great. I am now moving on to my feet – I think it might take a little longer but I am already noticing that the skin on my feet feels less tight and dry.”

Kari Aceto

Nate and Jake and Me Blog

“I have to be honest, I am not really too picky about lotions since I don’t have any serious problems with dry skin. I usually just buy the cheapest one I see and am fine with it so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to tell a difference when I started using Skin MD.

The first day I used it I was fairly indifferent to it. It went on like any other lotion and didn’t have any offensive smells or anything so I was fine with it. Then the next day I noticed that my hands felt like they were recently lotion-ed up even though I hadn’t put anything on them since that morning. I was pretty impressed. The shield that Skin MD talks about is real. I put on the lotion every morning and literally still feel it all day long even after washing my hands several times. It says on the bottle that this lotion is lightweight enough to use anywhere on your body, including your face. That’s pretty nice and convenient to have an all in one lotion in one bottle. A bottle of this lotion would make a fantastic stocking stuffer.”

Tracy Wallace

Just for Me and You 2 Blog

“To be honest, I was shocked at the immediate difference in the feel of my skin. I am constantly washing my hands, doing the dishes, changing diapers, so naturally my skin is always robbed of it’s natural moisture. I am one of those people who sometimes has the cracked bleeding knuckles because of the constant abuse to my hands. I’ve been using Skin MD Natural for about a week now on my face and hands, and have definitely seen an improvement in the overall softness of my skin. I would recommend this product to anyone! I’ll give it the Mommy In Pink ‘Stamp Of Approval!'”


Mommy in Pink Blog

“Skin MD NaturalI wash my hands a lot, not excessively, but just throughout the day there is a lot of hand washing. In between personal care, dealing with all of our animals, preparing food, cleaning, etc. my hands get a lot of washing. With the current flu season this is great – but the skin on my hands can suffer from all that washing. With winter coming up it gets a bit worse because of the dryness in the air.

Skin MD asked me try their Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion™. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I really do like it.It is not just a moisture lotion, but a Shielding Lotion™. This means it helps with moisture in my skin, but also helps protect against irritants getting into my skin.

When I first received the lotion I used it several times throughout the day for a few days. After that I noticed the moisture level improving and my hands were not feeling nearly as dry, even after just washing them. Now I only need to use the Skin MD Shielding Lotion™ about twice a day to maintain that level.

A big factor for me in lotions is how they feel and smell going on. Skin MD has a very light smell that dissipates very quickly. Hubby and Taylor have also tried it and they do not feel it smells “girly” at all like some of my other lotions. Skin MD Shielding Lotion™ also is absorbed into my skin very quickly. You know some lotions are sort of greasy and seem to take forever to work in or you have to wipe your hands off a little afterwards even – Skin MD Shield Lotion™ is not like that at all. Just a small amount (a large pea size) and rub your hands together for about 15 seconds and you are done.

While it costs more than some other lotions, in the long run you use less so it actually can save you money.”

Robyn Wright

Robyns Online World Blog

“The texture of this Shielding Lotion™ is thinner than any lotion I’ve ever used before. And just a little bit goes a long way. It absorbs into the skin quickly, has no odor and isn’t greasy at all.

Immediately after the first use I noticed my skin on my hands felt different. The skin felt soft… supple. The Shielding Lotion™ is not just for you hands, it can also be used on your face and the rest of your body.”


Fairy Blog Mother Blog

“This is the time of year my hands begin to dry out. During the holidays, I tend to clean more often and bake more goodies so, I am constantly washing my hands. Between the frequent washing and the winter weather, I have had my fair share of dry, cracked hands. Not this year, thanks to Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion™.”

Michelle Martel

Flying Giggles and Lollipops Blog

“I was able to try the Skin MD Natural, face, hand & body Shielding Lotion™. I really like that the lotion absorbs right in with a moisturizing feel. No grease, just hydration. It stays on too. I wash my hands a lot and it seems to protect my hands as well.”

Networking Witches Blog

“With the flu season in full swing and a new baby at home I am washing my hands all day long making them very dry. I have always had dry skin, as a child I washed my hands so much my parents had to get prescription lotion for me. I have tried many different kinds of hand lotion in the hopes of finding one that works and I think I have found a winner. I like that this lotion goes on very smoothly and does not leave your hands feeling greasy or slippery. This lotion can be used on your face, hands and body which is wonderful for busy Moms who don’t have time to locate and put on 3 different types of lotion every day.”

Stephanie Jamison

Coupon Clippin Mommy Blog

“I have been using the lotion for about 2 weeks now. At first it seems very watery but this is how it works. I can see and feel a difference in my skin. My hands are transformed. Hubby has even been using Skin MD and let me tell you his hands are rough. They are not as calloused. Here is what he has told me. “This stuff is great. My hands don’t hurt. They feel different. I like this lotion.” Now he does not use lotion… ever. That is that. So coming from him this must be great stuff. This is great on my face as well. It’s light and all you need is a tiny bit. It’s moisturized my face really well. Here is everything I loved about Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion™.”

Nichol Haskins

Kiddies Corner Deals Blog

“One of the main reasons I am not a lotion person is that slimy/greasy feeling you are left with. You know the one where you cannot even open the bathroom door to get out. Well this had NO greasy feeling. It absorbed almost immediately and my hands were sooo soft. I expected that feeling to go away and surprisingly it did not. I only used it once or twice a day over a couple weeks. My hands have never been softer! Now let me also disclose I have no underlying skin conditions. I have seasonal dry hands, but nothing major. My sister was visiting over Thanksgiving and her hands get so dry you can just look at them and they crack and bleed. Even though she did not have long to use it – there was no way I was letting her take it home, she noticed a big difference too! I guess I know what to get her for Christmas! Seriously I loved this lotion and my hands are loving it too!”

Lynn Mahoney

Maven of Saven Blog

“I personally have used several different kinds of lotions. One of my biggest issues with lotion is the smell. Some are just too strong and give me bad headaches. With Skin MD, I did not have this problem. Because there is no smell that, knocks me off my feet and into bed for a few hours trying to get rid of a massive headache smell.

During the winter months, my hands usually take a good beating, especially around my fingernails. I get hangnails A LOT. I have noticed, in the few weeks I have been testing Skin MD, I have been getting less and less hangnails.”

Jammie Morey

The Neat Things in Life Blog

“With fall and winter on it’s way my hands have started to go down hill. The dry weather has been awful on me this year. I don’t know about you but I never used to be like this. My hands were always soft and I rarely needed to use lotion… then I grew up and left my childhood and became a adult with really dry hands. I was glad to test out Skin MD when they contacted me. The moment I put the lotion on my hands I could tell a huge difference from any other lotion I had ever used.”

Rebecca Hemsley

Pink Nothings Blog

“Just so you know I am a lotion freak. I think it’s because I am a little OCD and wash my hands ALL the time! So then my skin is dry ALL the time! So when I wash my hands many moisturizers just wash off leaving me with a never ending cycle of dry hands. While I love lots of different brands of lotions, I am very picky about what I use. I have a hard time using the kinds with harsh fragrances because they just give me a headache and leave me feeling like I am using too many chemicals on my body.

When I got to try Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion™, I was amazed. Not only was it effective in retaining my moisture levels, I also felt good about using a product with natural ingredients.”


Forever and Always Blog

“I may live in Georiga, where it’s said to be humid. But it’s humid only in the summer, and during the winter, my hands are often chapped and very dry. I’ve never really found anything that helped them and actually lasted longer than a couple of hours. Recently, I was asked if I would do a review and host a giveaway for SkinMD Natural Shielding Lotion™. I’ve been able to try the SkinMD lotion for a couple of weeks now and I am really impressed with it. When I first put the lotion on, my hands didn’t sting! My hands actually felt soft after I put the lotion on and didn’t feel greasy. I often hesitate to use lotions, because I will end up putting on the lotion just before I wash dishes or scrub something in water, then my hands start getting slimy and I really dislike that, so I tend to avoid lotion. I had just put on some lotion after washing my hands and then realized that I needed to scrub potatoes for dinner. I noticed that my hands weren’t slimy or greasy while running the water and only if I rubbed my hands together real hard under the running water could I actually feel the lotion. I don’t handle fragrances really well and I was doubly impressed that the SkinMD Natural Shielding Lotion™ didn’t have a fragrance!”

Hannah Skelly

Happily Southern Reviews Blog

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