Gardening reviews

“Being a stay at home wife, and working in the garden can really wreak havoc my skin. Cleaning chemicals, dirt, fertilizers, dusting; all these things can really dry out your skin. Skin MD Natural works to shield your skin from harmful everyday conditions while helping your body restore it’s natural moisture from underneath.”


Bliss Tree Blog

“Tansy, as my fellow gardeners may know, is an attractive but too-vigorous perennial herb with lacey green leaves and clusters of tiny yellow button-like flowers. In the Middle Ages they used it as a strewing her, scattering it all over the floors to keep down the nasty insects and the odour of unwashed medieval peasants.

One of my spring chores is to winkle out the shoots of tansy that constantly try to invade the irises in the garden.

Now, I hate and despise wearing gloves when I work outside. (Which explains why I was so keen to try out a sample of Skin MD Natural, doesn’t it? My hands show every day of my age, and then some!) But there’s something in tansy that irritates my skin and sets up a prickling rash. By the time I finish taming the tansy patch, the tender skin on the inside of my forearms looks like it has a wicked case of carpet burn!

Would Skin MD Natural shield my skin from tansy irritation?

I’m delighted to report that it did. No lotion can make me enjoy the tansy-weeding chore, mind you – but at least I didn’t come out of the garden looking like I’d lost an arm-wrestling match with a roll of sandpaper! And I like that.

Bottom line?

It surprises me to have to admit this, but Skin MD Natural does indeed seem to be ‘new and different’ compared to other lotions I’ve tried over the years. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, perhaps. But, as they say, ‘a little goes a long way’ – that claim is true, too!”


Domestik Goddess Blog

“Based on data I have seen so far, Shielding Lotions™, like Skin MD Natural, seem to reduce the skin’s contact with the urushiol found in poison oak, ivy and sumac, as well as other irritants found in soil. As expected, we are seeing reports of reduced incidents of these contact dermatitis cases in individuals who use it regularly prior to gardening.”

Dr. Lisa Benest

a dermatologist with a successful practice
in Burbank, California

“I am still in amazement at how my skin looks and feels! Jim is asking me for this lotion! He doesn’t ask for any products!! Jim is always outside working, he’s cutting wood, a huge gardener and his hands take a beating. They are rough,dry and in the winter, his hands are cracked. Not anymore!! He loves Skin MD Natural Lotion!! He even says he hasn’t had any hang nails or any cracking around his fingernails. Jim told me that this is the first time in his life he doesn’t have any problems with dry, cracked hands. He also loves that its not greasy. I am so thankful to Skin MD!”


Pegs Play Blog

“In north Texas, our guys work in brush and vegetation. We were taking the guys in to the doc frequently for rashes and skin problems that turned out to be poison ivy and oak,” says Neil Renton, Health Safety & Environmental Assistant for Dawson Geophysical, Inc., a seismic mapping company for the oil and gas industry. “Then we learned about Shielding Lotions™, so I ordered a case and started handing it out to the guys in the field. So far this year, we’ve not had any cases of poison ivy or oak, and Shielding Lotions™ have really helped reduce our medical expenses and doctor visits.”

Eco Friendly, Cruelty Free and Vegan Skin Care

Skin MD Natural and Skin MD Natural + SPF 15 are manufactured in the United States using 100% solar power, free of animal products and animal testing.