Eczema Before and After Photos

Henri Carpman


Our 1 year old son has such horrible head-to-toe eczema that he usually looks like his whole body is sunburned. Red, rough, scaly, bleeding, itchy and his skin is so damaged that he’s already caught two superinfections that could have been life-threatening.

He’s been treated and followed by the doctors at our local Children’s Hospital’s dermatology clinic, and the best we’ve been able to come up with so far is a combination of cortisone creams and aquaphor which is thick like vasaline and a real pain to put on him more than once a day… except his skin is so bad that he needs another application a few hours later.

I decided to try Skin MD Natural on him and it’s awesome! It’s only been two days, but already he’s not scratching as much, his skin is still red but not inflamed, and even though it looks bad, it is really soft and supple to the touch. Plus it absorbs so fast that I can put it on uncovered areas without worrying it will get everywhere. I can’t wait to show his doctors the improvement in his skin!


As you can see there is a huge improvement in Henri’s skin. It is less enflamed, the redness is mostly toned down and the eczema almost seems to be fading away. Some areas, like his feet and behind his knees, are taking longer but are still showing improvement. His back is HUGELY better, the difference is like night-and-day. His skin is still very dry but he’s improving.

His skin is much softer and the patches of scaly-feeling skin are getting smaller. It sounds strange to say, but it almost feels like his skin is getting a chance to heal from the inside out, and every day is showing clearer, more “normal”-looking skin. He’s also not scratching the healing areas anywhere near as much, whereas before he would always be absent-mindedly scratching something.

Jennifer Carpman,

Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada

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