Leading dermatologists are recommending and using Skin MD Natural

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion™ is being recommended for dry skin and tough to handle skin conditions because of its high quality natural ingredients, lack of harsh chemicals, and proven effectiveness. The hydrating protective shield that Skin MD Natural provides helps strengthen and restores the natural skin barrier allowing skin to heal itself. Skin MD Natural lotion is a name you can trust for skin care products that are safe, gentle, and non-irritating.

Dr. Wayne Weber

Board certified obstetrician/gynecologist Los Angeles, California

Dr. Wayne Weber board certified obstetrician/gynecologist Los Angeles, California explains why he uses Skin MD Natural and why the idea of plain lotion is just outdated.

“I’ve been using Skin MD Natural and I really have found that it has helped me a great deal. I primarily use it because I, as a gynecological surgeon I scrub my hands a lot, which can cause severe irritation and I have found that it does help prevent irritation as well as allow my skin to have its normal moisture content.”

“Another area that it has really helped me a lot of a constant exposure to latex sensitivity. I use latex gloves, which can cause sensitized skin and lead to possible allergy. It certainly has helped me a great deal and I feel that anything that prevents irritation to the skin, which it certainly does as a unique shielding lotion, has ability to help prevent that kind of sensitivity of possibly developing allergy down the line.”

“I have just found this skin care product to be very easy to use, I put it on before surgery and it stays on for a number of hours of I found it to be very effective in that area. Utilizing the incredible ingredients that have been developed in this product I think it is really helpful in terms of providing the moisture, and preventing irritation and so on. That’s really, I think, a breakthrough in skin treatment at this point in terms of shielding lotion, in terms of protecting one’s skin and so on. I highly recommend for anybody to try, I think it would be very beneficial.”

“The whole idea of just plain lotions is probably outdated in terms of some of the technology that is available these days. This actually works in conjunction with the normal process and normal mechanism that we have in our bodies to protect themselves. If we can prevent irritation from getting into the skin, down to the layers where the skin is actually active of the skin is going to work much better.

This actually stays with the skin, bonds with the outer layer of skin and in that sense it works in a much different way than most of the other lotions do, which we tend to put on, and they come off and they don’t necessarily do their job. This tends to do the job because it actually bonds with the outer layer of skin, prevents the irritation, prevents irritating substances from actually getting into the skin, or to the lower layers of the skin and allows the normal healthy process to continue so that the skin can stay healthy.”