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“Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion™ has been in our local Watsons for 3 years now and there’s something really good about it. Maybe it’s the Aloe Vera. Maybe it’s the scientific work that has gone into formulating it. There’s just something really wonderful about this product. I received a 120ml bottle a week ago and after intensive use, I’ve found my body’s HG moisturizer.”

Lane Teo

Blovet Beauty Blog

“It is that time of the year. Where your skin cracks, peels, chaffs and over all feels like it is on fire. Funny… during the summer… I get darker and more tan… but during the winter… I seem to turn gray! Yes, gray… my skin is so dry and ashy that I look half-dead because of the color.

Thanks to Skin MD… I have a ‘brighter’ looking winter skin this year. I seem to have found my natural tanned self once again. When it comes to lotion… you need one that doesn’t just sit on the top of your skin, but that penetrates deep into the cells of your skin and nourishes your body.

With the Shielding Lotions™ from Skin MD Natural you are able to have younger, fresher and healthier skin than before. Feel free to enjoy the wintertime and all the activities that make this time of year special without feeling the pain of cracked skin.”

The IE Mommy Blog

“I have super dry skin. It is a pain… literally. I am always on the lookout for a good lotion. The thing is not only do I have super dry skin I also have super sensitive skin so it is that much harder for me to find a good lotion. Well my days of looking are over. I have found it, the ultimate lotion, which is the epitome of what all lotions should be. Skin MD Natural is good for your face, body, and hands. I coat myself in it and I no longer have dry skin. Quite the contrary, I have the softest skin now. I love Skin MD Natural because not only does it keep my skin super soft it is also a Shielding Lotion™ which means it also protects your skin from moisture-robbing irritants while hydrating your skin throughout the day. How awesome is that! I also love that it is not an oily moisturizer, I don’t like it when you put lotion on and your skin is all oily afterward. This lotion gets absorbed super quickly leaving your skin soft and dry.”

Debra Lowrey

Familylicious Reviews Blog

“Winter is pretty much in full blast here. And that makes keeping your skin hydrated really hard. Luckily, we’ve found Skin MD. I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked as well as this lotion. The part of my body that gets the most dry is my legs. Specifically my knees and shins. With shaving, and the cold weather mixed together, my skin becomes flaky and irritated really fast. I apply a very small amount of this lotion after a shower, and it works all day.”

Felicia King

Lady Bugs and Tonka Trucks Blog

“Skin MD absorbed quickly and easily into my skin and didn’t leave behind an oily, sticky residue on the skin like some of the other lotions do.”

Chaterine Copeland

Thrifty Maven Blog

“The Skin MD lotion is very milky and watery. At first I thought to myself that this was not going to provide enough hydration or moisture to my skin because it wasn’t creamy and thick enough. The texture is almost more like a serum more than a lotion/cream.

The lotion absorbed super fast into my skin, it almost felt like I didn’t even apply any lotion and it left my skin really soft and silky. To my surprise it did a really good job in keeping my skin hydrated. Since the lotion itself was very light and had no scent whatsoever I even tried using it on my face and actually loved it.”

Amy Naree

Amy Naree Beauty Binging Blog

“I am in love with the amazing Skin MD Natural Lotion. It works wonders and my skin is looking the best it ever has!”

Peggy Gorman

“I tried it as hand and body lotion and I immediately noticed the difference between ordinary body lotion and Shielding Lotion™. I have very dry skin, especially this season. Cold weather makes my skin dry, flaky and itchy. Upon applying Skin MD Natural lotion regularly in a span of one week, the flaky, dry skin is gone. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.”

Shina Mutya-Combalicer

“During the cold dry months of the year, I reach for thick, heavy creams to help fight dry skin. My husband also suffers from dry skin, but he hates applying lotion. Something about the greasiness gives him the heebie-jeebies. He’d rather suffer (and complain) through dry, cracked elbows and itchy skin than apply lotion. So when I got Skin MD’s Natural Shielding Lotion™, I gave it to him to test out first. The reason being that this lotion is super lightweight and gel-like – no greasiness at all. And I thought we could see how it’d do on his super dry skin.

The lotion was a hit! He loved the consistency of the formula and has been gladly applying it for days. But despite the light and thin formula, it has actually done a better job of keeping his skin moisturized than heavier lotions. His elbows are looking human again. The neutral, light scent is also a big plus – as he says, ‘it isn’t girly’.”

Storey Blackwell

Beauty Is Easy Blog

“It’s not thick at all and immediately absorbs into skin, leaving zero (and I mean zero) film or greasiness on my skin. Awesome! I hate that. After applying my skin felt immediately moisturized – softer and healthier. And I really liked that the light consistency is easy to apply.”


Beauty Girl Reviews Blog

“If there was one thing I loved about this product, it was it’s texture. It’s almost addicting. It’s very thin, and the skin absorbs it in NO TIME! I seriously loved that. Also, since I’m an allergic freak, I was hesitant to try it at first, but it has no fragrance, and it’s non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.”


“Winter weather has never done my skin any favors. My super sensitivity to the cold temps, biting winds, and dry air generally leaves me with wind burned cheeks and cracked skin on my hands. And I HATE how yucky cracked skin looks. Obviously, growing up in Wisconsin, there was no escape from the winter weather so I spent so much time shellacking on lotion that most of the time did not work.

In early December, the lovely people at Skin MD Natural contacted me and asked if I would like to try out their Shielding Lotion™. Knowing I had a trip to Wisconsin coming up, I said sure. If it would work there, it would probably work anywhere. Given that I live in D.C. I assumed that the winter here would be mild as it has been in four previous winters that I have lived here. Well, we all know that DC was of course blessed with its worst winter in history. Two blizzards, almost five feet of snow, blistering cold winds, and ridiculous cold temps. My skin is so grateful that I had Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion™. My skin that usually cracks soooo bad in even the mildest of winters? I had zero issues this year. Zero.”

Rebecca Hutchinson

“I’m a huge fan of your Skin MD Natural SPF moisturizer – it is perfect for my sensitive skin, has a pleasant scent and excellent formulation – it goes on smoothly, is not all tacky or greasy, moisturizes really well and doesn’t irritate my skin.

I had been using Shiseido daily moisturizer for years but Skin MD Natural is definitely superior to the high-end Japanese brand I used before.”

Louise Royston

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