Clinical Testing

Cantor Research Laboratories, Inc.
Date June 8, 2006
CR Ref. No.: TEWL.D0502-A.TTC.SUMM
Client 21st Century Formulations
9663 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite #860
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Test: Transepidermal Water Loss
When using the dermaLab System capacitive Evaporimeter (cyberDERM, Inc. Cortex Technology, Pennsylvania), the test material (CR Lab No. D0502-A, Client No.: Skin MD Natural Hand, Body & Face Shielding Lotion™) demonstrated increased barrier formation properties relative to the untreated control site at 20 minutes and 60 minutes following a single application of the test material. The corrected mean in Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) on five subjects for the product was 3.71 and 3.22 at 20 and 60 minutes post application, respectively. The % Difference, in comparison to the baseline, for the product was -45.61% at 20 minutes and -52.90% at 60 minutes.
Shyla Cantor, Ph.D. 06/08/2006
Study Director Date
Comments on the TEWL Study A new study on the shielding lotion, Skin MD Natural, had surprising results when this dry skin treatment increased in its ability over time to retain moisture in the skin, when all other products tested actually decreased in functionality, according to Germaine Muniz at Cantor Research Laboratories. The study compared the Shielding Lotion™ against untreated skin and petroleum jelly (petrolatum), the industry standard for forming a protective barrier and retaining moisture.The lab, located in Valley Cottage, N.Y., completed its findings from the Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) study on the Shielding Lotion™, showing over the course of one hour with washing, that Skin MD Natural continued to increase its moisturizing abilities, whereas petrolatum’s features diminished. Skin MD Natural helps prevent the loss of vital natural moisture that gives it the elasticity and youthfulness, making it a premier anti-aging treatment.

“Scientifically the best thing out there is petroleum jelly, but it’s cosmetically inelegant,” says Dr. Peter Helton, dermatologist and founder of the successful Helton Skin & Laser Institute located in Newport Beach, Calif. “The next best things are cocoa butter, shea butter, and mineral oil, but the problem with those is that they tend to decrease in their ability to work over time, whereas Skin MD Natural increases over time, and it does so in a non-greasy and elegant way. This has opened up a whole new branch of creams called Shielding Lotions™ that can be used for dry skin conditions in dermatology.”

One former employee of several major cosmetics companies, who knows a good moisturizing product, says it best: “I got rid of all of my moisturizers. I mean, really, why bother,” says Joan LeBlanc, 47, of Sarasota, Fla. “They say 40 is the new 30. This is going to help me retain my youth for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine being without this stuff. I have found a product that is going to help my body retain its youthfulness. I’m going to age so slowly as a result of Skin MD Natural. That’s just the bottom line.”

“This study reconfirms that the shielding properties of Skin MD Natural are better across the board than the products currently on the market,” says Enrique Alabata, director of research and development for a world-class cosmetics formulations company. “The feel of Skin MD Natural is very light on the skin compared to products performing similarly, like petrolatum, cocoa or Shea butter, or mineral oil. It really does do what it says it does.”

Backed by solid research and dermatology use, this new category of moisturizer – Shielding Lotion™ – is carving a niche as a leading dry skin treatment that really works.

Skin irritation/sensitization evaluation

Cantor Research Laboratories, Inc.


The standard guidelines recognized in the industry for Repeat Insult Patch Test involves placing an occlusive patch, which is sealed on all four sides, on an one inch area of skin. This clinical study was conducted using Skin MD Natural on 50 consenting women panelists. The patches are left on for 24 hours. The following day they come back to the lab for an evaluation and another patch is placed on the same area. This process is repeated for nine applications, after which a 10-14 day rest period is given. Each panelist then comes back for a “challenge test” which is done on an adjacent unexposed area of skin. They return to the lab 24 hours later when the patch is removed and evaluated. This is again repeated.

Skin MD Natural did not produce any reaction or sensitivity during the entire trial period on any of the 50 women tested. These clinical trials gives Skin MD Natural the highest hypoallergenic and “safe use” rating.

July 29, 2005
CR Ref. No.: RIPT.C0608-A.O.50.GLO.SUMM
Sponsor 21st Century Formulations
9663 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite #860
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

The test material (CR Lab No.: C0608-A; Client No.: Lotion, Product Code No. 7-1A) when tested on 50 panelists under occlusive condi­tions as described in Appraisal of the Safety of Chemicals in Food, Drugs and Cosmetics, published by The Association of Food and Drug Officials of the United States, may be considered as a NON-PRIMARY IRRITANT and a NON-PRIMARY SENSITIZER to the skin according to the reference. The method also employed nine inductive patchings and not the ten cited in the reference.
Shyla Cantor, Ph.D. 7/29/05
Study Director Date