Skin MD Natural frequently asked question (FAQ)

Q: How can I test if I will have a reaction to Skin MD Natural?

A: Apply a small amount of lotion to the inside of your elbow before applying to the rest of your body.

Q: Why do I still get a reaction from certain cosmetics even though they’re labeled as hypoallergenic?

A: ‘Hypo’ means ‘less’ while there may be fewer irritants they’re not completely absent. Generally, the term ‘hypoallergenic’ is beauty industry shorthand for ‘fragrance free’.

Q: How is Skin MD Natural shipped?

A: Orders being shipped within the continental USA are shipped using Fed Ex Ground. Orders being shipped to Alaska or Hawaii are shipped using USPS (United States Postal Service). International orders are shipped using USPS Priority Mail.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order of Skin MD Natural?

A: Orders being shipped anywhere within the USA typically arrive with in 3-5 business days. Orders being shipped internationally can take 7-10 business days depending on the country.

Q: How can I find Skin MD Natural in a store near me?

A: Use our store locator.

Q: Do you accept returns?

A: Yes, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We require a receipt if not purchased directly from the website.

Q: Is Skin MD Natural really a natural lotion?

A: Yes, Skin MD Natural is over 93% “natural” which is well within the highest echelon of actual percentage of natural ingredients of all products that have the word “natural” on their label. The ingredients in Skin MD Natural that are not “natural” are of food or medical grade and on FDA’s most safe list.