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Based in Beverly Hills, California 21st Century Formulations leads the way in dry skin care with their unique Shielding Lotion, Skin MD Natural.

Their invention of Shielding Lotion™ introduced an entirely new approach to skin care. Their use of only super-premium quality ingredients and natural plant extracts free of fragrances, colorants, parabens, toxic ingredients or gluten reflects a commitment to providing the highest quality skin care at a fair price.

A message from the founder of 21st Century Formulations

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The health of the skin is of vital importance to overall physical wellbeing and, of course, appearance. Skin has always had a built-in protection: its natural oils and moisture combined with the top or outer layer of skin to create a protective barrier.

The 20th century overwhelmed nature’s built-in skin protection.

Pollution; harsh ingredients found in most soaps, shampoos and cosmetics; chlorinated water supplies; ever increasing number of antibacterial products and the hundreds of new chemicals and toxins introduced each year combine to strip away skin’s protection.

This led to an alarming increase in dry skin problems.

Once the skin’s protective shield has been stripped away all sorts of common everyday products and pollutants can penetrate far deeper into the delicate layers of skin, further drying, irritating and aging it. This damage can lead to even more severe skin problems such as hard-to-treat skin allergies, eczema, psoriasis or worse.

We needed a “21st century” solution to dry skin.

Our founding goal was to develop a product that would naturally hydrate the skin while restoring the protective qualities of the outer layer of skin that modern life strips away. The result was a lotion so different from any previous skin care product that doctors adopted a new name for it: Shielding Lotion™.

It took 6 years of collaboration between noted dermatologists and surgeons and a world-class chemist (who had created well over 30,000 skin care formulations for the world’s leading cosmetic companies) to reach and then exceed the original goal. The humectant in Skin MD, for example, draws 6 times more moisture into the skin than does glycerin (the previous gold standard and still the most common humectant).

Clinical studies by an independent testing laboratory measuring moisture loss demonstrated conclusively that Skin MD Natural actually increases the amount of moisture in the skin over time when compared to all other skin care products (including pretrolatum and mineral oil).

More importantly, thousands of users have told us that Skin MD Shielding Lotion™ is the best face, body and hand lotion they have ever used. Even women with severe dry skin conditions and allergies have found relief.

Shielding Lotion™ moisturizes and protects so well… it actually prevents dry skin.

There is nothing else like it. If you haven’t tried it yet, please order with confidence that you will discover smoother, softer skin — and natural protection from the weather, water, chemicals and pollution that can damage and dry. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Dan Mueller

Chief Operating Officer

PS. Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion™ is made with premium safe and natural ingredients that you might find in products costing hundreds of dollars per ounce. Our pricing is based on giving you the greatest possible value-for-money. About a 60-day supply only costs $18.00.

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