Menopause and dry skin

During menopause the production of estrogen starts to decline. In the 5 to 10 year period prior to menopause the female hormonal system is already beginning to change, even though periods can still be regular. Many women going through menopause may be familiar with the hot flashes and night sweats it causes, but did you know it could also be causing your dry skin?

Estrogen is responsible for stimulating the formation of collagen and oils that keep the skin firm and smooth. With the onset of menopause estrogen production decreases and many women tend to experience dry, itchy skin. The change in hormones can also affect your body's ability to retain moisture. Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion makes a great treatment for dry skin caused by menopause because it is designed to strengthen the skin's natural barrier that retains moisture and keeps out irritants.

Menopause dry skin tips

By the time menopause begins, the skin has gone through several harsh decades and needs to be taken care of to reduce or even reverse the damage.

A preventative skin care regimen started in youth, a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and the avoidance of stresses can help to keep a healthier, more youthful look for your skin. To prevent the dry skin that is brought on by menopause try following the easy tips below:

  • Water: drink lots of water (at least 5, 8 oz. glasses a day). Look for quality moisturizers and cleansers listing water as the first ingredient to provide proper hydration to the skin.
  • Oil: add one teaspoon of olive (sunflower/canola) oil to your daily diet.
  • Sun Protection: use sunscreen with at least SPF 15 daily. Remember that sun is the greatest environmental danger to the skin; it is responsible for wrinkling, age spots, and changes in color of the skin.
  • Sleep: our bodies need seven to eight hours of sleep every day. The best way to sleep is flat on your back to prevent fold lines on your face (where your face contacts the pillow) from forming, which can become permanent if they are repeated every night. If you don't have the full 8 hours of sleep, try taking a 15-30 minute long nap – a "beauty sleep" – in the afternoon. This is particularly helpful around eight hours after you've woken up.
  • Exfoliate: use gentle scrubs to shed the outer layer of the skin formed by the dead skin cells, it'll send a signal to the deeper layers of the skin to become more active.
  • Lifestyle and Diet: avoid taking hot baths, using harsh soaps, and rubbing the skin. Exercise regularly to improve blood circulation in the body. Make sure your nutrition is well balanced and provides you with all necessary vitamins and minerals. Pay attention to the presence of essential fatty acids in your diet. Most of us have a diet low in Omega-3s, which are found in sardines, salmon, fortified eggs, soy, safflower oil, flax, walnuts, or algae oils. The fatty acids help create the oil barrier on the surface of the skin, vital to keeping the skin hydrated.
  • Environment: avoid contact with irritating substances in your environment, which may strip off the skin's natural protection and penetrate the skin, causing dryness and related disorders.

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