Skin MD Natural: real success and rave reviews

Anti-aging reviews

"I LOVE Skin MD and will NEVER go without it! It is that important to my skin, and my looks.

I just wanted to update you after 5 years of faithfully using your product morning and night, without any other products or moisturizers (remember, I threw away all my moisturizes when I found out the benefits of using Skin MD). I have a few girlfriends that I don't see often and every time they see me they tell me... Joan, you look younger than the last time I saw you, you are the only one of my friends that just doesn't age, what do you use to keep your skin so great looking? Of course Skin MD, I say this sincerely... because it is true. I was 47 when I first started using your product, and now I'm 52. I get carded when I buy wine...( they have to if you are under 30!, it's the law) Most people think I'm in my early thirties. Thanks for creating a great product! I swear by it! again, thanks..."


"I am in my late 50s and my skin is showing signs of my age with wrinkles and some deep lines. Recently there were hot, dry Santa Ana winds blowing where I live and my exposed skin felt dry and crackling like I was being eaten by invisible fire ants. I began using Skin MD Natural on my arms and legs and got instant relief. Immediately I didn't itch or burn. Then I noticed that the thin skin on my lower legs looked young again and had lost that shiney, papery look.

A few days later, after I stepped out of the shower, I put some Skin MD on my arms & legs while it was still moist and then, because my face felt tight and dry, I put it on my face and neck. Voila! I looked younger. There was an obvious difference almost immediately. "Hmmm", I thought, "I may be on to something here". I have continued to use Skin MD Natural on my face, throat and that crepey upper chest skin for the last few months, There has been a remarkable difference in my skin in these areas. The skin under my chin is not wrinkling as much while I lose weight, the thin skin on chest below my throat seems thicker because it is more moist. Best of all the lines on my face have reduced dramatically.

I think that the moisture and oils are held in by the lotion so the skin is plumper and the lines reduce or vanish. I am thrilled! Not only does the skin on my arms, legs and feet feel great but they look younger too. The best part is the fact that my facial skin looks so much younger and smoother. Thanks for Skin MD Natural! You guys are the best!""

Trish House
San Diego, CA

"I tried the lotion and found it had a very, very light scent and didn't make my hands feel sticky. So far, so good. But what I noticed that was even more interesting was the fact that it made my hands appear less wrinkly. Ever since I was a teenager I have lamented my wrinkly looking hands. Something about this lotion makes your wrinkles less noticeable, and just for that, I'd buy it."

Home EC 101 Blog

"I tried Skin MD Natural on my right hand and my regular moisturizing lotion on my left hand for 4 days and after 1 day I could feel the difference and after the 4 days the hand with the Skin MD Natural looked younger, felt smoother and was much softer! I'm sold on this product!"

Something Snappe Blog

"I was very impressed with this shielding lotion. It actually went above my expectations. When I first tried I was impressed that it wasn't greasy. I liked how my skin looked after the lotion was applied. I could do dishes a few times a day and other cleaning and my skin looked great. I noticed after a few days that each day the wrinkly dry portions of my skin looked better and better. My hands looked healthier and healthier. They didn't look dry or old anymore."

Stacie Lewin
Super Mommy to the Rescue Blog

"I have to admit that my poor hands have years of sun damage, and they show it. I have been using the Shielding Lotion for five days now, and I am thrilled that my hands look younger, healthier and more toned. My legs feel soft, not dry and scratchy."

Unexpected Bliss Blog

"As a former employee of Estee Lauder and Clinique Cosmetics, I know a good moisturizing product. I got rid of all of my moisturizers. I mean, really, why bother. I am 47 and they say 40 is the new 30. This is going to help me retain my youth for the rest of my life. I can't imagine being without this stuff. I have found a product that is going to help my body retain its youthfulness. I'm going to age so slowly as a result of Skin MD Natural. That's just the bottom line."

Joan LeBlanc

"I asked my mother-in-law to try the shielding lotion. She applied it to her face as a moisturizing lotion and she loves the non-greasy feeling yet long lasting effect of Skin MD Natural. It is also great even when she puts her make up on. She's on her late 40's and currently looking for a great anti-aging product in the market, this shielding lotion really works for her."

Shina Mutya-combalicer
Primp and Pretty Blog

"Since winter is a horrible time for skin, I have been loving using Skin MD all over. It is non-greasy, fragrance free, dermatology tested, Hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic. You can even use Skin MD as a facial moisturizer that works as an effective anti-aging skin care treatment by thoroughly moisturizing all your deep layers, preventing dry skin and diminishing wrinkles."

Cherise Kachelmuss
Mamma Money Savers Blog

"I have been using the lotion as my moisturizer for about two weeks and the result is so amazing! I find my skin become visibly softer, elastic, and I get fewer breakouts! I used to get few bumps along my jaw line after a whole day activity. My face was also so sticky and oily in the afternoon and evening. I now recognize that the problems come from the wrong moisturizer which leads me to sticky and greasy face instead of keep the skin hydrated. But using the Shielding Lotion which seals natural moisture inside my skin, my face appears better. Even the BB cream sits on perfectly. I find no dry patches, feels so light, and the best is my skin becomes supple and I rarely find breakout.

I still get the area around my nose and cheek become oily after some hours, but the oil disappears after I use blotting sheet and it doesn't feel sticky. Besides, wrinkles under my eyes have been reduced. I'm so in love with this lotion and I'm sure I will see more improvements soon."

Inge Agustiningrum
Mapples Blog

"I've been using tretinoin for about 7-8 weeks, and I have also raved about it in several posts already. What I haven't told you yet is that it hasn't always been a joyride, especially in the beginning when my face was a big angry warning sign, telling me in no uncertain terms that it doesn't appreciate being the guinea pig and the poor victim of my newest beauty-obsession. That, and the fact that for a while my skin was drier than the Gobi Desert, and there were lines under my eyes the size of the Grand Canyon... Well, I had to do something, and my little bottle of Shielding Lotion was nearby so I thought "Why not?". I applied it to the tortured area around my eyes and felt immediate relief as my wrinkles disappeared (okay, diminished greatly) and heard my skin slurp it up with great delight. After that, I couldn't help myself and applied it to my entire face. I got the same results: I could practically hear my skin giggling from giddiness and was able to leave the house without looking like a monster straight from a cheap horror movie. :-)"

Viktoria Blla
Binary Star The Hungarian Beauty Blog

"I used Skin MD according to the directions for one week before I wrote up the review.

Here is what happened:

1.My hands and feet are now smooth and though I was putting it on several times a day at the start, maybe 6 or 7, I am now only applying it first thing in the morning and then before bed. Skin MD has locked the moisture into my hands and even the constant in and out of dish water, as I am sure all mothers go through, has not affected them. They feel soft and when I say that I mean it, not on the outside as in Smooth, I mean soft where my whole hand feels like it is fresh and new and the softness is not only on the surface. Beauty is only skin deep but this stuff goes a lot deeper!

2. The lines that were starting to resemble Canyons instead of wrinkles due to the absence of moisture are almost gone. It didn't take long for them to soften but after a week I was pretty shocked when they started to fade. No where does the product claim to be something to combat the affects of age but when you think about it all aging does to your skin is rob it of nourishment and vitamins and Skin MD has been busy repairing that damage so it is only a natural perk to have the skin of my youth start to make an encore appearance.

3. I no longer have to constantly apply the lotion. Let's face it, a good lotion costs some cash and when you are dolling that out and not seeing results it kills you. The minute you stop using it your old Alligator skin comes back and it is an endless cycle of buy, use to death, buy again for nobody wants skin that could double as a belt or shoe. With skin MD I have found I do not have to constantly slather it on for it does what it says it will do and repaired my skin and now I only need a little to maintain."

Michelle Draveski
Because I Said Mom Knows Best Blog

"I am using a shielding lotion to care for the skin around the eyes, it doesn't pretend to be an 'anti-aging' solution, but works pretty good, as it restores skin's own protective functions and moisture balance within the skin. It makes the skin soft, supple and diminishes wrinkles."

Get Rid of Eye Wrinkles Blog

"I love using lotion, but all too often, I end up with one that makes my hands feel sticky, has a cloying scent, or both. I normally use Lubriderm Unscented, and it works okay. Nothing special. I was skeptical about Skin MD Natural, because it came with a ton of literature about how fabulous it is. I don't know why, but literature about how fabulous your product is always makes me skeptical.

I tried the lotion and found it had a very, very light scent and didn't make my hands feel sticky. So far, so good. But what I noticed that was even more interesting was the fact that it made my hands appear less wrinkly. Ever since I was a teenager I have lamented my wrinkly looking hands. Something about this lotion makes your wrinkles less noticeable, and just for that, I'd buy it.

I noticed it said for face, hand, and body. So I tried it in place of my usual moisturizer. Now, this is during my usual breakout time of the month, and I was concerned that it would make my breakout worse. No need to have worried, I had one pimple, which is about the same as my usual breakout when using the Clinique moisturizer. As far as how well it worked, I'd say it was better in reducing the crow's feet around my eyes than the Clinique.

I have excessively dry legs and feet, and the Skin MD did such a good job I was able to skip a day when I had to drive to Indiana and my legs and feet didn't get ashy on me like they normally would.

Skin MD Natural is a great product. A little goes a very long way, so a bottle would last a long time. It's great for anyone on body and hands, but is better for people with dry skin as a facial moisturizer."

Home Ec 101 Blog

"I'm at the unfortunate age that I'm fighting zits and wrinkles at the same time. It's torture! If I moisturize to fight dry skin and wrinkles, then I'm dealing with clogged pores or oily looking make-up later. If use acne fighting products, my skin is overly dry. It seems I can't win. Then comes Ol' Man Winter!

My face has been feeling tight with the onset of cooler weather and starting to become scaly in some areas. I decided it couldn't possibly hurt to try another product on my face! The tightness was instantly relieved. I decided to take it another step further and apply it before my makeup (I can hear beauty experts everywhere gasping right now!) instead of my usual beauty moisturizer. Surprisingly, my makeup didn't look or feel oily later.

I've been applying the Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion to my face before I go to bed and every morning. I am not missing the tight feeling my face had anymore. As for the wrinkles, so far, I don't look 17 again yet, but I can't say I look any older, either! ;-)"

Michele Neisler
Mom Loves Shopping Blog

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